4 Features of Luxury Real Estate to Consider

You’ve seen the shows and photos of celebrity mansions and super high-end luxury real estate homes featured on television, in the magazines and on the internet for years and you have considered buying your own piece of luxury, but what do you know about having your very own Custom-Built Home or mansion? Have you thought about using a luxury home builder instead of investing in someone else’s dream home?

4 Features of Luxury Real Estate to Consider

We took the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of custom-built luxury real estate homes and can’t wait to share with you the top four features most people do not consider about building their own home.

The Luxury of Transition

Parents commonly experience an empty nest after the children move away from the house. Custom home luxury real estate planning allows for any transitional life stage as the design of flexible rooms make it simple to move the kids in or out. The design of the rooms can accommodate grandchildren in the future while still having plenty of space to enjoy of your own during each transition of life.

Flexible Bedrooms

Secondary bedrooms are fantastic rooms to design with built-in shelves, double doors, a hidden door or even a dual fireplace to convert later into another room. Whether you convert it years from now into a library, home office, guest suite or an artist’s dream room; there are many options to fit your life. These, of course, are not the only ways to design a flexible bedroom, so let your imagination run wild!

Staircase Design

While some may choose to have an elevator installed there is still an obvious need for a staircase or two if your home is multi-story. Staircases are a great feature to any luxury home and in order to make it a truly classy focal point, incorporate a couple different architectural elements to the design. Staircase designs cover many styles; including curved, straight, extra-wide and floating. Some ideas include adding custom spindles and balusters, skylights to stairwells, as well as simple elegant lighting or windows to illuminate the space.

The Return

Investing in the building of your own luxury real estate means you are able to customize every element of the house and property. Spacious rooms and landscaping that are 100% reflective of you and your dream is just the beginning of a custom home plan. Your money is going to what you want and needs for many, many years instead of what someone else thinks is important.

In other words, you can specify every single detail to make your newly constructed home a complete and true reflection of the personality, style, needs and lifestyle of you and your family. It is an exciting adventure to get into the custom home building with the right design team that takes the time to look at creating a plan that works both now and in the future.

To talk more about your dream home or to speak about anything else in luxury real estate and custom home building, Contact Us today. Our friendly expert team is always available to help. Thank you.

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