Our Custom Homes

J. Lambert Custom Homes specializes in building whatever home the customer can dream. Our custom homes range from 2,500 sqft one story homes up to 40,000 sqft. We have built many different styles including French, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Colonial, Old world and Castles. Our passion is to help potential buyers build their dream home for their family. From the planning stages of your project through the building, finishing, and completion of your home, we work hard to ensure that we deliver quality construction, unique design, and complete customer satisfaction.

We have built multiple homes for families that we have worked with over the years. As a family business for over 30 years, Jimmy Lambert is the President and takes the responsibility of lot purchases, home designs, working with the buyers and helping buyers with the selection of granite, paint colors, faux, carpet, trim, tile, hardware, and fixtures. Click here to view available homes.

Our Team

The team at J. Lambert Custom Homes is the most blessed and talented group of people you will ever meet. The respect, discipline and structured environment we have established over time is second to none. We have a passion to please our buyers, the creativity to exceed expectations and a humble attitude that’s appreciative of every opportunity to build any size home in any style.

Jimmy Lambert is a Certified Master Builder and a member of the Certified Master Builder Corporation. There are no superintendents in between Jimmy and the buyers. There is one phone number and it’s Jimmy’s cell phone. With over 33 years of construction experience in the North Texas area, Jimmy handles all issues during and after construction. He is very involved with the design of every home and in every meeting with the architect as the home is planned. Communication is extremely important throughout the project and our goal is to establish a long term relationship built on trust and the integrity to stand behind our work.

A Message From The Owner: Jimmy Lambert

I have always loved building things and my passion has always been construction. Throughout high school, I worked pouring concrete, trimming houses, and went through 7 years of management training for a store manager position at Wynn Dixie. Looking for additional cash flow, I started a wood fence company where I rented wheelbarrows, shovels, and a trailer to carry material with an old pickup to complete jobs. As we made money I bought equipment and trucks to grow the business.

I worked feverishly until I saved enough cash to start an iron fence and electric gate company. We developed and perfected the product for over 62 Custom Home Builders in the North Texas area. Typically, we focused on upper end builders and the very expensive homes. I watched the great builders and studied how they were always on top of their homes under construction and how they always had answers for the subs with clean and organized job sites. I asked a lot of questions and used the opportunity to find out why a home didn’t sell, the best lots to get, what kinds of problems they would face in the home building industry. I learned from the best for over 17 years on what to do, and what not to do in home building. I was also involved in many situations where the builder and buyer had huge difficulties getting along and I kept thinking if a builder is honest, has management skills, doesn’t get greedy, has a commitment to excellence with a passion to build a great home, home building shouldn’t be that difficult.

So I studied this for many years and just kept my head down and worked the whole time with one goal, to have the opportunity to build families homes they would live in. I sold Lamberts Ornamental Iron and immediately took down 8 lots in Cambridge place in Southlake, TX. I already had bankers in place and architects who believed in me. I knew the good hardworking honest subs working on the homes under construction (so it was fairly easy to put my team together as they had no idea while I watched them all so closely), even though I hadn’t built a home before, the bank loaned me three spec houses at 500 grand each to get started. We learned and grew over time kept getting stronger as a great team. We went from 500k to 800k and then to the 1.1 market. Then buyers had us building their custom homes in the 2 and 3 mil range and eventually we were building homes worth 12 million+.

I would love to work with your family in building your new home whatever size and style. Thank you for your time reading this. It means a lot to me. Always remember. I am here for you and your family and I want you to call me to discuss your new home. Thank you and God Bless.