Underground Basement

Complete underground basement with separate safe room inside it and steel I beams with steel and concrete ceiling. We had concrete walls which we sheetrocked and faux finished. It has a full kitchen, living area and also full bath. Such a safe area and comfortable during a storm or whenever for the family.

Indoor Pool

We built a large indoor, full size pool with a tall ceiling with marbeled beams, sitting area, diving board, European fauxed fireplace, stars in the bottom of the pool and a large spa with leathered volcano coping and spillway. The ceiling at the spa was a large dome with 24 inch columns that was 30 ft above the spa with a huge chandelier. We installed rock on the interior of the indoor pool and spa area so it feels like the exterior of a place in Rome.

Backup Generators

We installed two full size generators so the entire 33,000 ft home would be as normal during a power outage. This system kicked on immediately when detection of power was down and the family didn’t even notice. As the power resumed the generators kicked down.

Cabana & Golf Simulator

We installed a full golf simulator area in the cabana. The cabana had a 24 ft door that opened fully to the outside pool area. We installed special ac vents with extra flow to prevent the air from leaving the cabana or entering the area as these doors are opened.

Custom Lagoon Pool

We built a large pool like a lagoon with a cave that water fell over the front that looked like a volcano and at the top we had water coming out with fire coming through the water. We also had glow tile that absorbed the sun and at night lit up. We installed large planter bowls that had water coming over the tops and fire came out of the water.

In the cabana we built a large workout area with a specialized wood floor that wouldn’t scratch. We installed rubber cushioning so the floor gave when you walk and was very comfortable. We had a full sized sauna in there as well with full workout equipment.

Custom Luxury Closet

We built a closet for a queen with very expensive custom built Crystal Chandeliers. We had 16′ ceilings so we put a row of uppers enclosed with glass doors that had arms with remotes that would lower the clothes at the push of a button. We had boot carosels that rotated and separate shoe carosels that rotated so she can pick the perfect selection for that occasion. We had displays and lowers with glass doors and ribbon lighting so each area was lit to display all clothes, jewelry, purses etc. We had a dressing/viewing area with a 3 way mirror that had a step up area with travertine so she can view the outfit of the moment. We installed a custom built in safe with a bank vault combination for the valuable documents jewelry etc. It is fireproof.

Fishing Pond

We built a fishing pond with a liner on the bottom and then steel and gunite floors and walls with a huge natural waterfall that changed colors at night with LED lighting. We stocked many fish and has an automatic feeder. The pumps for the waterfalls were at the bottom of the ponds deep area so they weren’t noticeable and they supplied large amounts of water so the waterfalls looked very natural.

Tennis/ Basketball Courts

We have installed numerous full size tennis/basketball courts with lights and were built the same as the professional courts.

Home Theater / Media Rooms

We have built unbelievable theater rooms with full sound, stars in ceiling etc with stadium seating.

Custom Oversized Garage

We have built very large oversized garages that are air conditioned with special walls and ceilings faux painted. We built a garage for 10 cars and there was much more room for Cycles, 4 wheelers etc. We currently are building a house with a 19 car air conditioned garage/workshop set up with compressor, sand blaster and also welders. These type garages have to be engineered and we have steel beams transferring loads to the slab in which will set over a pier. The floors are an importance as well and we have been putting epoxy with a life time warranty. They have a variety of colors.