How to Create A Functional Luxury Home Office

As the number of people working from home continues to increase, home design is evolving to meet this need in a way that is both functional and beautiful. The office is quickly becoming a fixture in the home, but it can feel as sophisticated and smoothly integrated into the style of your home as any other room. The builders at J. Lambert Custom Homes can help you design a space that allows you to work in the same luxury you prefer to live in. Here are a few aspects to consider when making decisions to create the most functional home office.

How to Create A Functional Luxury Home Office

Sound Quality

A quiet work environment will prove to be a highly productive one. Noises from inside and outside the home can cause an unwanted distraction from the focus required for getting work done and cause disruptions during important meetings and conference calls. Your builder can help you consider the best location in your floor plan to avoid noises caused by nearby traffic or other areas of activity outside the home. They can also help you make decisions about denser flooring and ceiling materials and interior and exterior wall finishes which can help insulate your office from everyday household sounds. 

Quality of Light

Having the right quality of light in your home office is essential to creating the quality of life and the quality of work you hope to accomplish in your dream home. Make sure to communicate your desire for natural lighting that will illuminate your workspace with diffuse natural light without creating an unnecessary glare on monitors and other devices. Consider floor-to ceiling windows if you prefer to include a view of that gorgeous landscaping right outside or skylights if you prefer to fully utilize the available wallspace in your home office.  Either way, energy efficient windows and the natural lighting they provide will help you maintain energy and focus you need to enjoy the rest of your home outside of working hours. 

Merging Technology with Style

Technology changes rapidly, so your space should be ready to change with your evolving needs. Therefore, be sure to discuss the smart home features available to make your work life seamlessly convenient by ensuring that connectivity is automatic and integrated into your daily use. Building your custom home means that you have the benefits of new construction with its smart features and modern conveniences without having to sacrifice the style you desire. Whether it’s FrenchTuscanMediterranean, or Colonial style that appeals to you, your builder can align the two by including built-in features such as desks and shelves that elevate your office to a study or as simple a feature as wainscoting to make your office simultaneously formal and cozy. 

To get started customizing your luxury home office experience, contact us at J. Lambert Custom Homes and let our talented and experienced builders bring your vision to life. 

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