Evoke an Earthy, Old-World Charm by Building a Tuscan Style Home

When you think of Tuscany, no doubt you imagine great food, good wine, a warm climate and a lifestyle that incorporates many natural elements, such as outdoor seating. Tuscan homes are also built in a way that creates a feeling of oneness with natural elements. They evoke a feeling of warmth while still allowing air flow through the house.

Evoke an Earthy, Old-World Charm by Building a Tuscan Style Home

Earthy, Old-World Charm

Overall, Tuscan homes create an earthy feeling because of the elements which are used to build them such as wood, stone and terracotta. They may also contain many traditional motifs such as wrought iron gates and mosaic flooring which will give you the feeling of stepping into another time and place.

Tuscan Style Arches and Columns

One of the main motifs you notice in Tuscan style homes is the arch. There are many arches in this style, held up by what’s referred to as the Tuscan column—a simple column with a square or round base. These columns are usually set a little further apart than the classic Greek Doric, Ionian or Corinthian columns. And the arches which they frame might introduce the door to the house or be set around a patio-type area.

Walls, Roofs and Floors

A lot of stone is used for the exterior walls of this type of home; this includes limestone, sandstone, travertine and marble. Since these stones often have natural patterns embedded in them, they allow the home to blend with its surroundings, creating a natural look.

The roofs and floor tiles of a Tuscan style home are made from terracotta which is a type of baked clay. The reddish-brown color once again gives a natural-look and the clay base helps to keep the house cool in the heat of day.

Tuscan Interior Walls and Ceilings

Inside a Tuscan home, you’ll usually find plaster or stucco walls. Stucco is a readily available substance which is made from water, sand and lime. The walls are often painted white which also helps with keeping the home cool. You may also find frescoes on the walls and exposed beams in the vaulted or paneled ceilings.

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