Why You Should Choose New Home Construction

You’ve probably heard that new home construction is the fastest-growing segment of the housing market. But what are some of the reasons why it may be right for you? Read on for 3 great reasons why you should choose a new home construction for your next home.

Why You Should Choose New Home Construction

Easier Maintenance

New construction is easier to maintain because it’s built with new materials and products that are more resistant to mold, mildew, pests, rodents, and other problems. The building process also reduces the risk of incurring damage from weather or aging-related issues.

In addition, you may be able to take advantage of warranties for your home’s plumbing fixtures; heating system; roofing materials; windows and doors (depending on what types you choose); gutters/downspouts (if they’re needed); dryer vents – just about anything.

Layout Customization

New home construction offers many customization opportunities – something that’s not possible with many other types of housing. This means you can personalize the layout to suit your family’s needs and any unique preferences you may have for design or style – without being limited by what’s available in the current housing inventory.

You also get more control over features like flooring materials (tile, laminate, wood), paint colors and finishes, cabinetry styles, or countertops/appliances. You might even be able to choose different window treatments throughout your house if desired.

Energy Efficiency

New construction is often built with energy-efficient features. This can include things like:

  • Energy-efficient windows and doors, which help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature
  • Insulated walls or floors for additional heating/cooling savings – as well as noise reduction from outside sources
  • A high-efficiency furnace that heats the house more quickly on cold days + uses less fuel
  • An air conditioner that cools the house faster in warmer weather
  • Better insulation around pipes (which helps make them last longer)
  • Appliances with good ENERGY STAR ratings

All of these measures will save you money over time – not just on utilities, but also eventually when it comes time to sell your home.

When it’s time to choose your next home, be sure and consider new home construction. Contact us at J. Lambert Custom Homes to get answers to any questions you might have about building your new home.

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