Building a Luxury Custom Home in Fort Worth, TX

For many of us, our luxury dream home isn’t necessarily a 20,000 square foot mansion with an indoor pool, it’s the custom touches that would make a home exactly what you want it to be.

Building a Luxury Custom Home in Fort Worth, TX

What’s Your Idea of Luxury?

If you’re a car aficionado and like to rebuild the classics, you’d probably love a four car garage with a shop and not worry too much about the house–yes, you can have more bays than bedrooms. A luxury home for some might be one with a huge fireplace and seating area in the kitchen, but not the extra square footage that usually comes with a keeping room and kitchen. Luxury really is in the eye of the beholder–a separate shower with a seat and multiple jets might be your idea of the living end of luxury, while for your neighbor it might be a garden room with a potting bench and a drain in the floor.

Custom Homes Are Luxury Homes

By definition, a custom home is a luxury home–any time you have the luxury of choosing all your design details, finishes, and fixtures–not having to choose from three options at a design center–you’ve crossed into that special territory. Your home can be a three bedroom ranch, but if it’s built to your exact specifications it’s definitely a luxury home–and a custom one, at that. Don’t confuse luxury with size–whatever is your dream, that’s luxury.

Building a Custom Home

Yes, there are builders who will take on a smaller project. The advantage to using such a builder is that they have the expertise to design and build on any scale, but they have the resources to offer you premium finishes and fixtures–the details that make your home special are there at your fingertips. Custom builders are also more likely to use the most advanced technology and materials, and be on the front end of building trends.

J Lambert Custom Homes is such a builder, they’ve been in business over 30 years and walk you through the building process whether it’s your first house or your fifth. From the initial planning and drawing to the last drawer pull, they’re with you every step, to ensure you fall in love with your house every time you walk through the front door.

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