Where to Put the Laundry Room in Your New Home

If you’re planning on installing a laundry room in your home, you might have a hard time locating it. The most convenient place must balance between enough space for all appliances, easy accessibility, and not so close to the living area to avoid noise. In this article, we explore several different locations to put your laundry room with their pros and cons.

Where to Put the Laundry Room in Your Home

Near a Bathroom

Bathrooms and laundry rooms have certain similarities in terms of amenities, such as water supply pipes and drainage systems. This makes it economical to add a laundry room near a bathroom. It only becomes annoying when you have to switch loads, as someone else needs to use the bathroom.

Near a Kitchen

Locating this room near a kitchen makes it very convenient. You can clean your clothes as you cook and watch TV. It’s also cost-effective as kitchens have cold and hot water supply and drainage systems. On the con side, you can experience some noise problems if your kitchen is close to an area you like to relax in, watch movies, or meet with friends.

Off the Master Bedroom

What more convenient location for a washing and dryer machine than next to your master bedroom? This solution reduces trips between the laundry room and the hamper and hides the activity from the sight of visitors. If you spend a lot of time far from your bedroom, you may still have an issue. You will make long trips to switch loads and you can easily forget that you’re cleaning, as you cannot hear the buzzer beep.


 The position of amenities is the most important element to consider when locating your laundry room. You can save a lot of time, money, and hassle by placing the laundry room close to electrical, plumbing, and venting points. Visit J. Lambert Custom Homes to find out more great places to locate your laundry room or contact us today to start the process of designing one right away.

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