How to Build Your Dream Home On Expansive Soil

Is it possible to build a luxury custom home on expansive soil?  Well, new home constructions in Fort Worth and other areas covered with expansive soil can be complex. However, there are effective strategies that your builder can apply to counter foundation movement on these zones. A robust foundation guarantees a solid structure. But that calls for sound engineering before erecting the building to help prevent any severe problems that may cause costly structural damage. Here are measures builders take to ensure a strong foundation and building stability.

How to Build Your Dream Home On Expansive Soil

Inspecting the Soil

First, the structural engineer will evaluate the soil condition to determine its shrinkage index, strength, consolidation, and swelling pressure. They may consider soil stabilization to help improve load-bearing capacity through non-toxic injections or removal and replacement techniques. Strengthening the soil on your construction site through injections reduces the money and time spent on the foundation. This means lesser time and more savings on your overall project.

Site Preparation and Grading

The builder will prepare the job site for construction through excavation to remove any debris. They’ll dig the construction site as per the specifications, followed by grading to level the ground. The grading process is necessary. It eliminates bumps and holes that may interfere with the construction process. Excavation and grading on expansive soils is a complex process that demands specialized equipment and skills.

Moisture Control

The structural site should be well-drained both vertically and horizontally.  So, a leakage-proof or seepage-proof isolation layer is built beneath the foundation. This prevents any downward leak and upward evaporation. All pipes are placed in trenches, 200mm from the foundation.

Ultimately, the structural design of your new home should be rigid and strong enough to endure the non-uniformity deformities of expansive soil foundations.  That’s why you need builders experienced in constructing houses on areas covered with expansive soil. They perform detailed pre-construction preparations and foundation reinforcement that guarantee your home safety.  For more information, contact us.

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