Minimalist Luxury Real Estate Trends

Adopting a minimalist style as opposed to highlighting opulence might sound contradictory for the luxury real estate market. But a growing number of high-net-worth buyers are millennials who lived through the major recession of 2008. More humble tastes influence the trends in new construction with so many home buyers in their 30s with successful careers. To maintain home value, consider some of the latest real estate developments as millennials born between 1981 and 1996 outnumber baby boomers.

Minimalist Luxury Real Estate Trends

Yoga studio over home theater

Since so many members of the younger generations access portable technology such as Kindles and smartphones for entertainment, rarely do they want to devote space for a home theater. But health is a top concern for younger buyers. The latest trends include exercise rooms with walls of windows to view the outdoors as well as specialized exercise space such as yoga rooms or studio.

Open and airy without clutter

Large homes with open and airy spaces appeal to buyers who felt cooped up due to work-at-home or telecommuting trends. A lot of millennials are working parents. Neutral colors, high ceilings, and natural light make a castle feel modern and fresh. A lot of younger buyers choose furniture with exposed legs to further accentuate the ample space. To reduce the clutter in a kitchen, it’s all about cabinetry, storage and the “clean look.” Sliding barn doors add a rustic feel with added business to the space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Another major component of minimalism is natural lighting and fresh air. Adding floor-to-ceiling windows within a luxury home elongates the living space. When building a custom home, consider the landscaping and lot for optimal privacy as well as technological assets such as retractable shades. Whether it’s a Tuscan, Old World or French style home, the paint color choices also impact mood. A clean look and lines turn any style into a Zen retreat which greatly increases resale value of a custom home in today’s market. While some people like to buy home to settle down forever, it’s not always realistic for younger buyers who also view homes as a financial investment.

At J. Lambert Custom Homes, we are innovators in the luxury real estate market. We build our custom homes according to a variety of styles including Tuscan, French, Mediterranean, Old World and Colonial. For more information on your dream castle and advice about colors, trim, hardware and flooring choices, please contact us.

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