Tuscan Style Luxury Homes

If you’re thinking about having a house built, consider a Tuscan design for your new home. Tuscan style homes are one of the most popular design choices for homeowners who want something that’s luxurious with an Italian influence.

Tuscan Style Luxury Homes

The warm, rustic design of a sprawling Tuscan home, with a beautiful outdoor garden and patio, will delight everyone in your family. A terracotta tiled roof, wooden shutters on the windows, and earthy paint tones will make you feel as if you’ve moved to Italy.

On the inside, gorgeous hardwood or terracotta floors will greet you. For comfort, lay plush area rugs in each room. Candle sconces and wrought-iron chandeliers will light the way as you stroll through the arched doorways of your new home. Textured walls and wooden ceiling beams fit right in with the Tuscan design. To soften the look, hang rich tapestries on the walls. Select Roman shades for your windows with colorful valances to complete the Italian-inspired decor.

Your kitchen will become the focal point of your home with its maple cabinetry and dark granite or quartz countertops. Install wrought iron pendant lights over your island for a classic Tuscan look. To lighten the appearance in your kitchen, select a textured stone backsplash in a sandy color.

Using nature-inspired textiles in your home will add charm and authenticity to the design. Patterned fabrics with dark brown, deep red, orange, and yellow are the perfect colors for a Tuscan home. You’ll want to use silk or satin for your bedding. Select floral patterned fabrics for your throw pillows. Add hand-painted ceramics to your side tables or decorator items with a wrought iron or terracotta look.

For additional information on Tuscan style luxury homes, please contact us today. We construct luxury homes in many different styles and can build you a house that your entire family will love.

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