Critical Pre-Construction Preparation for Custom Homes

Pre-construction preparation involves a series of steps that are taken to plan the design of your home before the actual work can begin. Here are a few pre-construction steps that a custom builder can help you with.

Critical Pre-Construction Preparation for Custom Homes

Finding The Right Lot

Custom builders help you find a site/lot. If you already have one in mind, the first thing they do is conduct a site visit. They are the ones who place the exact location of the house you want to build on your site.

The placement is determined by taking a few aspects into account, such as topography, drainage, accessibility, and utility lines.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling involves boring at least 15 feet into the ground every 4 feet when possible. It’s a process that involves taking samples of the soil to the lab to simulate what nature does over time. Soil sampling is important because it determines the design of the foundation of your home. Without a good foundation, your home is likely to be subjected to multiple risk factors. Expansive soil is a big problem in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and each foundation has to be engineered for the soil to avoid huge issues down the road.

Floor Plan Design

Floor plans are essential in helping you design your furniture layout, wiring systems, and much more. A good plan can create a nice flow between rooms and corridors, and generally increase the enjoyment of your home. A few characteristics of a good floor plan include:

  • Room Flexibility: Making sure rooms can function as office spaces or bedroom spaces depending on your needs.
  • Ideal room layout. Bedrooms should be separated from the living room or entertainment spaces. In addition, the bathroom shouldn’t be near the kitchen or living room area.
  • Size matters. Considering what fits in different rooms and hallways is very important. It helps determine what furniture to buy and accommodate for.

Selection of Interior and Exterior Finishes

When it’s all said and done, the last touches on your new home will determine your satisfaction with the overall design. It is important to make sure that all the finishes in and around your home feel and flow perfectly so you can be happy about the design for a good amount of time. For example, as far as the trim goes, you want all the molds and baseboards to match the overall theme you wish to create for your home.

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