What To Incorporate Into Your Tuscan Style Home

If you love the style of homes that you’ve seen in the hills of Tuscany, then a Tuscan style home is an excellent fit for you. These homes have a beauty about them that is both natural and unique. Here are some excellent ideas for what you should incorporate into your Tuscan style home.

What To Incorporate Into Your Tuscan Style Home

Exterior Stucco And Stone

Nothing says Tuscany like a home with a classic stucco and stone exterior. Stucco creates a rustic, yet elegant look that is timeless in nature. Using earthy tones like yellow or brown, or a combination of the two hues, add to that Tuscan style even more because they are warm, yet soft colors. The stone addition to your home’s exterior compliments this look even more because it adds another natural element of depth and contrast to your home.

Wood Patina

When it comes to the wood in your Tuscan style home, wood patina is a great type of wood to incorporate around your windows, doors, baseboards, ceiling beams, and shelves. This style of wood has a bronze colored luster to it that is created by weathering the wood using natural and man-made means. This includes waxing, dusting, rubbing, exposing the wood to the sun, and otherwise oxidizing it. This creates a gorgeous aged wood that is very natural and adds the perfect Tuscan feel to your home’s interior.

Courtyard Water Feature 

Tuscan style homes often incorporate water into their design. One excellent way to do this is to install a water feature into the courtyard of your home. A gorgeous fountain with waterfalls cascading down the different levels is a perfect feature. You can then plant beautiful flowers, wild plants, and vines around the fountain to give it a more natural look.

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