How to Prioritize All Of Your Options While Building Your New Home (Part 1)

When you first decide to build your house, everything seems so blissfully simple. You can practically see your dream house forming around you, can smell the freshly stained wood and polished fixtures. However, as you start working with your builders and begin defining the details, it’s all too easy to find the number of choices to be overwhelming to the point of immobilizing. How are you supposed to choose between hickory or cedar? Granite or marble countertops, in black or white? What about the back-splash, the wall paint colors, the exact fixtures for the kitchen or bathrooms, or the lamps you want hanging from the ceilings?  Let’s discuss how you can prioritize all of your options while building your new home.

How to Prioritize All Of Your Options While Building Your New Home (Part 1)

The Result of Little Decisions

One of the reasons it’s so hard to choose is because the consequences of your decisions are incredibly far-reaching. These tiny decisions about fixtures and materials will shape your experience in the home for decades to come. The shape of your faucet handles will determine how you turn on the sink a thousand times in the future. The lamps you choose will determine the light level of your home when fully illuminated. The wall colors will subtly influence your mood. The decisions go from the ceiling right down to the floor where you must decide on carpet, wood, tile, or plastic determining how comfy and easy to clean each room is. It’s okay to be at a loss at first. The key is to figure out what you really want along the way. Fortunately, your builders can help.

You’re Not Alone

The good news is that if you’re feeling disoriented and overwhelmed, you are far from alone. Many people experience this sudden realization that their dream house requires a lot more fine-detail decisions than they were prepared to make, with more options than they ever dreamed of choosing from. However, no matter how lost you feel right now, the best way out is through. To help you understand, let’s look into the story of one young woman by the name of Gina had a very similar experience.

The Story of Gina and Her Dream Home

Gina had been dreaming of building a new home for years as she saved up the money. By the time she was ready to start building, Gina thought she had the whole thing planned out. She had chosen the builder, a beautiful home design, and even had a plan for the garden when it was finished. Gina felt confident that everything was rolling along just as she had imagined, but then it came time to pick the materials.

Want to know what happens next? Join us next time for the second half of this two-part article where we’ll finish our story about Gina and talk about how custom builders achieve a personally tailored approach and finding the right selection for you. For more great custom home design tips, contact us today!

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