Master Bath Design Trends to Consider for Your Custom Home

Although every aspect of a luxury custom home is created according to the client’s preferences, current design trends often influence a homeowner’s vision for their custom home. Here are trends in master bath design you may want to incorporate into the plans for your custom home.

Master Bath Design Trends to Consider for Your Custom Home

A Calming Retreat

In a modern luxury home, the master bath is a relaxing retreat akin to a spa instead of a utilitarian room built simply for functionality. Homeowners frequently are choosing fixtures that reflect their desire for serenity. Standalone soaking tubs have become expected. Walk-in showers that are large enough to accommodate two people and have at least two showerheads are not unusual. Built-in shower seats have become the norm.

Bringing Nature Indoors

In recent years, bringing the outdoors inside has been a huge trend in interior design. Therefore, it’s become popular for a master bath to have multiple connections to nature such as an abundance of natural light, natural materials like marble, and colors drawn from nature.

Embracing Color

Specifically, some clients are shunning white walls and fixtures in favor of rich hues like forest green, sky blue, deep blue, and terracotta. Others prefer three walls in a neutral color with an accent wall that’s a bold color or a combination of colors. The accent wall may also be a different material (such as stone) from the other walls.

High Tech Features

Technological advances in bathroom design can make life easier and more comfortable. Touchless bathroom faucets rely on a sensor to turn on and off. These faucets have become desirable since they decrease the spread of germs and have the eco-friendly benefit of reducing water use. Other high tech features to consider for a master bath include self-cleaning toilets with heated seats, sound systems, and wall outlets with USB ports.

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