Selecting the Best Builder For Your Custom Dream Home

When it comes to selecting the best home builder for your custom dream home, we have two considerations you may want to entertain.

Selecting the Best Builder For Your Custom Dream Home

Clear Communication about Quotes and Costs

Costs are the number one point of confusion and contention between homeowners and their builders. It’s important to find a builder who can give you a clear up-front quote and is willing to talk with you about potential changes during construction and how that will translate into costs. Go in with the understanding that the initial quote is a ballpark estimate and that no construction goes exactly to plan. There will probably be a number of changes that will be necessary or possible in the moment that could add to or even reduce costs. What you need is a builder who can talk to you about every change that occurs and work with you to remain within your budget.

You may even be the source of last minute changes, either due to a moment of inspiration and desire or because council produces an unexpected requirement that must be conformed to. Find a builder who is willing to maintain a constant communication channel in order to stay within the bounds of your financing.

Comprehensive Construction Plan

Unless you already have a floor plan and a personal architect you are better off with a builder who can make a complete construction plan from blueprints to bathroom fixtures. This not only saves you the hassle of hiring multiple professionals to help you design the house, it also means that your builders can help you make informed decisions based on their knowledge of both construction and local industry professionals who are trustworthy and good to work with. If you need to get your plans approved by the City and HOA, your builders should also be able to provide all the necessary documentation to do so.

Taking time to do your research in order to select the best builder is key. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to assist you. At J.Lambert Custom Homes we specialize in building whatever home the customer can dream up so please put us to the test.

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