Drawing Inspiration When You Build a Custom Home

When you’re building a custom home, the first thing to do is look at a number of different homes to get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like. Is there a particular style of construction that appeals to you? And do you think you would be happy living in a home constructed like that? Do you like bright colors? What shapes appeal to you? How big do you want your custom home to be? These are things worth considering when you build a custom home.

Drawing Inspiration When You Build a Custom Home

Homes You’ve Lived In/Visited

Think back to homes you have liked/loved. Did you ever live in a house that you absolutely loved? Or have you ever been to a friend’s house that you absolutely loved? What did you love about these homes? Be specific. Was it the roaring fire in the fireplace? The floor-to-ceiling windows? The French windows leading out to the garden? The beautifully landscaped garden?

Or were you more taken with the way in which the home itself was decorated? Maybe it was done up in a Victorian style with old-fashioned carved sofas with floral upholstery. Did it have Persian rugs scattered around the place and lace curtains? Or was it more modern-looking with symmetrical abstract shapes and geometric prints?

Homes You’ve Seen in Magazines

Different styles of interior decoration appeal to different people and you can definitely incorporate your taste into your home. The only thing you out to be careful about is to make sure that you are considering comfort as well as aesthetics when you build and decorate your home.

Sometimes, you might see a home in a magazine and you might think that it looks really great. And it might, in fact, look great. But you can’t base your decision entirely on the basis of the how something looks. You also have to consider how it’s going to feel.

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