5 Questions You Should Ask When Building Your New Home

There are several questions you should think about before you have your custom home built. All of which need to be planned out before you begin building your new home.

5 Questions You Should Ask When Building Your New Home

How Many Acres Do You Want?

This question should be asked first as how many acres you have can determine how big of a home you can build on it. If you want a large flower and vegetable garden and also an outdoor tennis court or pool, you’re going to want a lot of extra land. You could build a 40k square foot home on one acre of land, but you won’t have room for anything else on it.

What Size Should My House Be?

This is something which needs to be considered early on in the design and building process, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time at home or have a large family.

How Many Levels Should I Have?

This is another important question to ask for yourself, especially as you get older. As time goes on, climbing up and down multiple levels can become a pain even if you have an elevator or other automatic systems installed. However, if you’re having a home built in your early 30’s a home with multiple levels might not be a bad idea either.

How Many Rooms Do You Want?

Your typical American home has roughly 3-4 bedrooms, plus the kitchen, dining room and living room. As a custom home owner, you could also have other unique features like a bowling alley, indoor tennis room, gymnasium, or a home theater.

Do I Want Any Systems Installed?

There are many systems to consider as well. Do you want a modern HVAC system installed, full environmental control, security cameras, automatic gates are just a few options to keep in mind.

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